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Marissa was amazing to work with - not only did she help me redefine my health, food and weight goals to look at them through a healthier lens, but she also helped me achieve them. When we started working together, I didn’t really even understand what a healthy relationship with food would look like and how to think positively about my potential progress. She constantly reminded me of how far I had come in understanding what a healthy plate meant and how to have a calmer relationship with food. Food is something we eat and interact with on a daily basis, and before working with Marissa it consumed my thoughts.

Beyond my relationship with food, Marissa was always there to give me helpful tips, review my food journal, provide recipe ideas and helped me create a “menu” for my week that did not ever seem ominous or obstructing to my social life. She taught me the value of preparation, home cooked meals, and the ideal picture of a food plate to make sure I am fueled for the day. While I realize my relationship with food is always something to be mindful of, I now understand how to approach food with gratitude and am so thankful for her!
— Past client

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